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Welcome to the Open Doors NW real estate team, serving the greater Portland-Vancouver metro area…and sometimes beyond.  We are focused on professional guidance with jaw-dropping customer service for people making transitions in their lives: moving to the area, buying a first home, selling a home and upsizing, selling a home and downsizing, investing.  Life happens, and we’re here to help you on the home front.

Customer service is our mantra and guiding principle.  At each step in the process, we always lead with the query “What can we do to make this transaction as smooth and beneficial for our valuable client?” We do this with proactive communication, open dialogue, effective negotiations, simple language for complicated concepts, and outside-the-box thinking for unique situations. 

Working with a Realtor is a very personal decision, so let us take this opportunity to share a bit of our background and life with you.

Corey Eubanks is your Client Manager, guiding you through the process of finding the right home, selling a home, and sometimes both.  He will discuss your goals and advise the best strategy to meet them effectively.  A savvy negotiator, he always looks for a way to maximize and exceed your expectations.  

Allen Giles is your transaction manager.  Once you have a home under contract, Allen will guide you through the bureaucracy and paperwork, turning a complex process into plain language and working to explain your contractual rights and responsibilities during the transaction.  

Corey has been working in real estate since early 2007, and got his start in the Rockridge neighborhood of Berkeley/Oakland, CA.  He has been working in the Portland metro area since 2010.  Allen is an administrative systems wizard, who just happened to be surrounded by real estate his entire life, with a veteran Realtor mom and living alongside Corey.  We are both fully licensed to assist you with real estate transactions in Oregon and Washington.

Why Portland/Vancouver? Corey felt a calling here since he was a toddler. His earliest memories are of visiting an aunt who lived in East Portland and gathering blackberries on the side of the road so she could make a cobbler (in which she accidentally used salt instead of sugar). In the 1990s, Corey and Allen began to visit the area frequently, after Corey’s brother moved here.  They realized quickly that Portland would someday be their home.  (Yes, we’ve been together a long time—over 20 years!)

Before real estate, Corey and Allen both worked in the film industry. Corey was a publicist for independent films and some of the biggest film festivals in the country, while Allen was an archivist working with Industrial Light & Magic and UCLA.  Allen has a masters degree in library and information science, with extensive work experience in the health care research field, particularly in the area of community resources for seniors.  Corey also has experience as a public school teacher and human resources specialist, but found his true calling in real estate.

We work primarily by referral so that we can focus on YOU during the transaction, instead of scurrying around looking for new leads.  We aspire to impress you so much, you’ll rave to your friends, family and colleagues that they just have to work with Corey and Allen at Open Doors NW.  Just check out our testimonials.

Corey Eubanks & Charles Allen Giles

The Open Doors NW Team

at Premiere Property Group

Licensed Brokers in Oregon and Washington


Corey: Client Manager



Allen: Transaction Manager





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